What we do


The term, eLearning, is conceptually broad but commonly understood as digital learning in the form of an eLearning module on a Learning Management System or a third-party provider. It usually involves some interaction and many designs follow a similar learning pattern namely:

  1. Some knowledge presentation.
  2. A transition from knowledge to a deeper understanding through demonstrations, videos, examples etc.
  3. Testing the learner's comprehension through an activity or sets of questions.

Ask any learning expert, and they will confirm that there is a well-defined science behind the transfer of knowledge and the principles of how humans learn. Well developed and designed eLearning translates to better retention and ultimately improved performance at work.

Aggreg8 looks at eLearning in such a way that supports the employee learning experience and maximises transfer-of-knowledge. Keeping it interesting, short, and highly interactive are some of the principles of design we follow.