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Monre Jameson
Monré Jameson

Why good eLearning matters

The world of organisational learning and development has, and is changing. It's about having learning that is just-in-time, easily accessible, frictionless and relevant. [Article: The art of modern learning]. This is what we do really well.

Employee experience matters and we'll support your organisation in creating digital learning content that fits into a modern learning eco-sytem.

Making it simple

Keep it sweet and simple

Learning at successful organisations mimic how people learn everyday, whether it is a quick search for a demonstration video, wiki text, an image, diagram or asking someone for help.

We're in Auckland

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What we do

Here are some of the services we offer:

Mobile Learning Building mobile applications for learning has never been easier than now ...more

eLearning. Thinking beyond an e-learning module our team takes an holistically approach around online learning ...more

Augmented/Virtual Reality. Build learning snippets that enhances the learning experience using our latest augmented reality technology.

Surveys and Assessments. Aggreg8 is the proud creator of the world-class assessment software, PulseMe.

Video Learning. Short, impactful learning video clips are an efficient way of conveying learning snippets.

Learning Analytics. Speak to us for helping create learning analytics that translates return on learning investment well.

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